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Honey Comb Bee Coasters

Honey Comb Bee Coasters

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This set of geometric laser-cut bee coasters are all the buzz! They will add that touch of personalization to your living space. Water rings no more! With each set you get half of the coasters in the bee design and the other half in the hive design. Plus you can choose to get between 4-10 coasters! Keep these artisan pieces in their natural look or get them painted to match your space. These are also a great gift for your fellow bee lover. 

We suggest you check out our bee honeycomb piece that can double as a wall hanging or a mobile!


-3.45" wide x 3.75" tall
-Crafted from birch wood
-1/8th inch thick
-9 paint options
-Unique wood grain and natural marks affect the appearance

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