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Krampus Yule Advent Calendar

Krampus Yule Advent Calendar

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Counting down winter solstice has never been more attractive than with this Krampus Yule Calendar. This artisan crafted piece makes a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or you can place it in your home for years to come each for every holiday season. The engraved mountain scape sets the scene for a magical holiday theme.

(These do not move on their own. You will have to do that. We test every calendar prior to shipment, but we suggest moving the rings a few times upon receipt to loosen them up.)

*This item is not intended to be a toy. 


-Unique wood grain and natural marks affect the appearance
-Engraving depth can vary on each piece
-Crafted from four layers of birch wood
-1/2 inch thick
-Vegan cord for easy hanging
-Comes in two date ranges (21 or 25)
-Stained walnut and hand painted


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