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Lunar Moon Calendar, Phases of the Moon

Lunar Moon Calendar, Phases of the Moon

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Artisan made with detailed engravings of the daily moon for the entire year! It will look great in any room of your home or your friend’s because it makes a great gift. Each calendar is slightly different due to the unique traits in the wood. The calendars are hand crafted from sustainable materials with non-toxic stains in our home workshop.*Note these calendars only come in a version for the Northern Hemisphere. 



We now offer a yearly subscription to our phases of the moon calendar! You’ll receive a current year calendar that ships the first week of January every year. The date that you purchase the subscription will be your first order (you will receive a calendar at this time), and then you will be billed annually every year for your new calendar. 


-Unique wood grain and natural marks affect the appearance
-Engraving depth can vary on each piece
-6 inches wide by 16 inches tall
-1/8th inch thick
-Weighs 10 ounces
-Crafted from birch wood
-Engraved detail on front
-Antique copper chain for easy hanging
-Four finish options

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