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Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual Calendar

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Keeping track of what day it is has never been more fun, and get used to telling all of your friends where you got this calendar because it is just that unique. You will never have to buy another calendar again because of the ease of this sustainable handcrafted piece. There are three layers to the calendar that move to allow you to keep track of the month, day and date. (These do not move on their own. You will have to do that. We test every calendar prior to shipment, but we suggest moving the rings a few times upon receipt to loosen them up.)  

A gorgeous dahlia flower is engraved on the front layer to add even more this one-of-a-kind calendar, so go ahead and hang this artisan made calendar on the wall in your favorite room because you will want to look at it all the time!

*This item is not intended to be a toy. 


-Unique wood grain and natural marks affect the appearance
-Engraving depth can vary on each piece
-Crafted from three layers of birch wood
-3/8 inch thick
-Eye-hook picture hanger for easy hanging
-Four finish options
-Two sizes

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