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Phases of the Moon Garland

Phases of the Moon Garland

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Grab one of these gorgeous wall hangings before the next full moon! This handcrafted item is artisan made with an intricate engraving of the moon’s surface on each of the seven pieces. Because this garland has a ring on each end you can hang this vertically or horizontally so it will fit into your space perfectly. You can even customize this piece by adding a crystal to your garland or having the backs of the moons painted for a hint of color. 

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-3 inches wide by 2 feet long
-Crafted from birch wood
-1/8th inch thick
-Engraved detail on front
-Antique copper chain
-Painted backs (optional) This is the physical back of the piece if you turn the moon around.
-Hanging crystal from bottom (optional)
-Unique wood grain and natural marks affect the appearance
-Engraving depth can vary on each piece

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